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NATMAP Raster 250k 2008

Compatible with Mud Map GPS apps. Download for offline use.
Includes: 513 maps
Format: Digital Download. 
Price: $79.99

Product Description

Featuring a consistent scale of 1:250,000, the NATMAP raster topographic maps are the most popular regional maps for recreational and commercial use alike. The entire collection of 513 maps all have a constant scale of 1:250,000 and together provide Australia wide coverage.

Each map has been digitally remastered in high resolution. Accurate GeoReferreng has also been applied for GPS use.

Map Features:

- 1:250,000 scale.
- Population centres, cities, towns.
- Roads and Gazetted off road vehicle tracks.
- Route markers.
- Airports, heliport.
- Railways.
- Fence boundaries and gates.
- Elevation contours.
- Vegetation an other land features.
- Sanddunes.
- Lakes, Rivers and other water features.
- Jetty and other water features.
- National Park boundaries.
- State boarders.
- Prohibited area boundaries.
- Average Temperature Range and Average Rainfall Graph of each region.
- Detailed map legend

Map Reliability

Topographic information checked from 2000 satellite imagery, and supplemented using other sources in 2000.
This map was not field checked and some information may not be accurate.

About NATMAP Raster 2008

NATMAP Digital Maps 2008 is the next generation of Geoscience Australia's popular NATMAP Raster 1:250 000 scale topographic digital maps.

NATMAP Digital Maps 2008 are exact digital copies of Geoscience Australia's NATMAP topographic maps with Australia wide coverage at 1:250,000 scale..

Copyright GeoScience Australia 2008. All Rights Reserved


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